Scleroderma Research Foundation Scientific Workshop

The SRF’s Annual Scientific Workshop brings together our Scientific Advisors, funded investigators, applicants, outside experts, and industry partners for an intensive two days of evaluation, discussion, brainstorming, and collaboration.

The Scientific Workshop

At the SRF Scientific Workshop, every current investigator and invited new applicant presents his or her research project and progress to the Scientific Advisory Board and other attendees. The ensuing discussion of projects and new ideas is animated, yet collaborative.

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Our Project Portfolio

Through careful selection of submitted proposals and focused engagement of experts in disparate areas of science and medicine, the SRF has put together a diverse portfolio of projects spanning multiple disciplines and facets of scleroderma research.

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Research Objectives

Key objectives of the SRF research program include better defining disease pathogenesis, identifying biological markers that illuminate disease mechanisms and stratify patients by severity, probability of progression, and likelihood of response to specific treatments.

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