Luke Evnin, PhD

In his for-profit life, Dr. Luke Evnin is a well-known venture capital investor and is a Managing Director and co-founder of MPM Capital, one of the premier firms in the life science venture arena. Dr. Evnin has been dedicated to building and financing breakthrough life science companies for roughly 28 years.

Over the past few years, Luke has been a co-founder of several MPM portfolio companies and has contributed as a key inventor for the technology of these companies. Across his venture career, he has served on over 30 public and private life science company boards.

Dr. Evnin is also a scleroderma patient, having been diagnosed in 1998 with the limited sub-type of the disease. Luke joined the Scleroderma Research Foundation Board of Directors in 1999 and has served as its Chairman since 2002.

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