In this section, you can explore information on what scleroderma is, how it is diagnosed, and how it can be treated. Learn about associated conditions like Raynaud’s phenomenon, pulmonary arterial hypertension (PAH), skin ulcers, or joint stiffness.

I’ve Been Diagnosed, What Do I Do?

There is a lot to understand about this complicated disease. Here is a place to get started.

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Complications and Treatments

There are various complications and conditions associated with scleroderma.

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Treatment Centers

Patients who are diagnosed with scleroderma are encouraged to receive care at a specialized Treatment Center.

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Webinar Series

Scleroderma Research Foundation collaborates and co-hosts free online webinars providing scleroderma health, wellbeing, and COVID-19 information.

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Watch the SRF Patient Forum Online

SRF is hosted its first-ever “Collaborating For a Cure,” an online patient forum for people living with scleroderma and those who care about them. Recordings from the event are now available—watching is a great way to learn more about the most current information on scleroderma.

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