Powering Our Research Until There’s a Cure

Our ability to advance important science and facilitate the development of new treatments for all types of scleroderma is only possible with generous donor support. Donors listed here reflect contributions made to the SRF in 2020.


AE Family Foundation
Boehringer Ingelheim Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Michael Budd
Dr. Luke Evnin
Judy Evnin and Dr. Tony Evnin
Janssen Pharmaceuticals
Kao Family Foundation
Brooke Musselman
The Nancy P. and Richard K. Robbins Family Foundation
Mark Scher
Deanne Wright

$10,000 – $49,999

Abbey, Weitzenberg, Warren & Emery
BCS Private Wealth Management
Kevin and Claudia Bright
Sara and Buddy Campbell
Dr. Jeffrey Gevirtz
Heather and Michael Green
Joseph Hulston
Kadmon Corporation
Albert J. Klail Trustee
Lamb Family Foundation
Norman and Sarah Livingston
Rhonda Mace
Andy and Vi Merin
Patterson Family Foundation

Sula and Robert Pearlman
Craig Smith and Laura Pope
Steven and Elaine Pozycki
Paul and Mindy Pressler
Mark and Stephanie Robinson
Phil Rosenthal
Dan and Jayna Schimberg
Diane and Michael Schumacher
Jeff and Martha Seaman
Mason Slaine
Marjorie Swig
George S. Loening and Kimbrough Towles
Sandy and Barbara Wernick
Marc Trachtenberg and Victoria West

$1,000 – $9,999

Abe & Sylvia Ginsburg Foundation
Robert and Annmarie Adamo
Dr. Bruce Alberts and Betty Alberts
James and Judy Allison
Meredith and Mark Allister
Altavant Sciences
Amazon Smile Foundation
Richard and Christina Ambrosini
Dick Anderson
Anonymous Donors (5)
Arbor Assays
The Art Laboe Foundation
Beena and Faisal Azeem
James and Carol Babcock
John and Audrey Bamberger
Glen Barros
Robert and Lisa Bates
Reginald and Margaret Bayley
Bellini Foundation
Joel Bergstein
David and Gayle Bernhaut
Evan Bernstein
Vinay Bhaskar
Helena and Peter Bienstock
Dr. Jeff Bluestone and Ms. Leah Rosenkrantz Bluestone
Gina Boehler
Brillstein Entertainment Partners
Bruce and Marya
Bulls Head Foundation, Inc.
Gary Campbell
Harold and Faye Careway
Dr. Sid Shaw and Dr. Janet Carminati
John Caroli
Mary Ellen Cashman
Andrea Okamura and Jeffrey Chambers
Michael Chastain and Martha Chastain
Jessica Churchill
Laura Clough
Scott Constantine
Martha Conte
Coretz Family Foundation
Credit Suisse, LLC
Peggy and Bob Crowther
Christopher and Gail Cunningham
George Daley and Amy Edmondson
Roshni Desai
Cynthia and Dennis Dillon
Dr. Sharon Dobie
Jon and Robin Dracos
Mieke Duxbury
D’Vine Taste Promotions
Edward and Lida Robinson Charitable Trust
Lynn Eikenbary
Mark Epstein and Karen Schub Epstein
Ervin and Sally-Ann Epstein
Christian and Jacqui Erdman
Mary and Timothy Evnin
Brenda Fauth
Mike and Angie Ferraro
Christine Fitzgerald-McCormack
Tony and Julie FitzPatrick
Mara and Joshua Baumgarten Force Robert Force
Kristin Fossum
Bill and Wendy Foulke

The Frascella Family Charitable Fund
Cheryl Frederic
William and Audrey Frederic
Chris and Hilary Gabrieli
Gartner, Inc.
Stacey Gearhart
Randi Ginsburg
Marianne Lowenthal and Wendy Glenn
Joanne and Ed Gold
Ronald and Pamela Goldman
Gossamer Bio Inc.
Beverly Daniels-Greenberg and Donald Greenberg
William Greene
Sam Grey
Jill Grey
Deborah Vickers Grisamore and Greg Grisamore
Kathy Taslitz Grode and Matt Grode
Steven Taslitz Grode
Jeanmarie Guenot
Lisa Hambelton
Rachel Hansen
Edward and Peggy Harding
Judith Hasko
Hauske Family Foundation, Inc.
Sandra Heppenheimer
The Hill Family Charitable Foundation
Eric and Tara Hirshberg
Gerry Hodes
Katy and Hal Holloway
Donald Holmes
Brian and Roberta Hunter
Hunter Insurance
Frank and Barbara Hurst
Edward and Sharon Hurwitz
Lynn and Todd Jensen
JMP Securities
Michael Jones
Krystyne Josepher
David and Sandra Joys
Jsrm Foundation
Alan and Donna Kaminsky
Jay and Cindy Kasin
Eliz Lee and Dr. Eric Kau
June Lee and David Kim
Don and Rae Anne Kinney
Dr. Lloyd Klickstein
Jeremy and Melissa Kline
Kathleen Bole and Paul Klingenstein
David and Wendy Knoller
Steven and Ellen Koch
Brendan Kunkle
Laing Family Charitable Fund
Christopher Lawler
Norman and Lyn Lear
Bonnie Leboff
Kerri and Mark Lehmann
Mark and Linda Levine
Liquidia Techonologies, Inc.
Lisa Stone Pritzker Family Foundation
The Louis Feinberg Foundation
Lynn MacDonald
Scott and Carolyn Mace
Mark and Kate Mai
Eileen Maler
Barbara Malina
Dr. Scott Stanwyck and Dr. Deborah Manjoney
Mary and Danny Mar

Tom Lockard and Alix Marduel
Leonard Martin and Dr. Stacy Martin
Anne Terrell and Eric Masters
Dr. Jeffrey Siegel and Dianne McCutcheon
Shawn McIntyre
Mel Hambelton Ford
Arleen Yvonne Miles
Jacob Miles
Jolynn Mohr
Richard Morgan
MTS Health Partners, LP
Jon and Hanneke Nesvig
Dr. Robert Palumbo and Joanne Palumbo
Pankaj Pasricha
Ed and Lynn Poole
Ellyn and Ed Potokar
William Prinzmetal
Bob Prosser
Richard Rabin
Bruce Raiffe
Nick Josefowitz and Tali Rapaport
Angela and Richard Renneke
John and Diane Riley
Craig McGahey and Wendye Robbins
Karen Ross
Richard Russell
Leon Sachs
Lolly Salmen
Stephen Salmen
Patricia Savage
Vivian Seaman
Geoff and Janice Sears
Robert Seffens
Patricia Seffens
Kyle Shanklin
George Shapiro
Ann and Steven Shure
Wade Damey and Catherine Smith
James Smith
Bob and Laurie Smith
Linda Sorge
Southpoint Capital Advisors LP
Peter and Martha Stabler
Nancy Steinhaus
Dr. David Cowburn and Dr. Liz Stoner
Stuczynski Trucking & Excavating, Inc.
Dr. William Swenfurth
Linda and John Tarantino
Mark and Kathy Taylor
Teri’s Run Foundation
Thomsen Family Charitable Fund
Ruth Tobin
United Therapeutics Corporation
John Valley
Luke Wachter
Lucy Waletzky
Walther Partners Inc.
Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.
Rina Mimoun and Scott Weinger
Andrew and Lauren Weisenfeld
Westmount Asset Management, Inc.
Victoria Wiener
Stephen Williams
Vasanth Williams and Michelle Salmen Williams
Susie and Jamie Williamson
Dr. Amy Sehnert and Dr. Paul Wolters
Meredith and Mike Zappert
David Ziegler
Matthew Zito

$250 -$999

Shari and Edward Adler
John and Barbara Ahlquist
Airco AC and Heating Co.
Christina Alvarez
Rose and Horace Andersen
Shari Annes
Sandra Lee Appleton
Dr. Shervin Assassi
Michele Anne Atkins
Megan Azzi
Steve Baczewski
Anne Bages
Michael Bailey
Baker & McKenzie LLP
Laura-Mae Baldwin
Rick and Esther Baumgarten
Mark and Donna Bengtson
Kevin Bergman
Luis Berrueta
Berrueta’s General Contracting LLC
Mary Bertolli
Kenneth Billington
Neal and Linda Birnbaum
Karen and David Blecha
Kevin Bomer
Richard and Jane Borchers
Mary Joan Borsheim
Noel Bright
Karen and David Brooks
Andrew Brown
Ho Brown
Lee and Kristina Bull
John Burk
Monica Bustamante
Mark Butler
Bruce and Sharyn Buyers
C & J Interiors, LLC
Anthony Campitiello
Rebecca Campoverde
Karen Capello
Stacey Carpy
Aaron and Edythe Carr
Travis and Minnie Carr
Geneva Carr
Jill Carroll
Nancy and Jordan Cooperstein Charney
Simon Bloch and Denise Chilow
John and Joan Christy
Lisa Clerie
Curtis and Connie Coffman
Sean Collins
Christopher Conger
Francie Connelly
Sean Connors-McBride
Kerri and Ryan Constantine
Louis Coppola
Jerry Cormican
Tammy Coselli
Kristina Cranias
Darrel Cummings
Frank and Shirley Dalle-Molle
Annmarie Damico
Colin DeAngelis
Vin and Erica Di Bona
Dr. Charles Drueck and Jane Drueck
Christine DuBose
Antonio and Kerry Edmonds
Carol Edwards
Harold and May Ehrenman
Neil and Patricia Eigen
Dr. Jaci Eisenberg
Cynthia and Dean Elliott
Scott Emerson
Adam and Allison Epstein
Ellen Farber
Kent and Celeste Fase
Allyson Ferer
Leora Fishman
Gregory and Marci Foster
The Fox Foundation
Jeff Franklin
Ary and Judy Freilich
George Frye
Judy Gallas
Pamela Garnick
Letizia Gasparetti
Lois Duncan Gause
Sam Gevirtz
Edwin and Marilyn Gevirtz
Tony Giannini and Allison Saget
Karen Godfrey
Dr. Sally A. Sehring and Dr. William Gonda
Alex Gonzalez
James Graziose
Gaile and Ronald Green
Alicia Grenville

Michael and Wendy Grinberg
Jonith and Steven Grundmann
Eustacchio and Merle Guadagnini
Andy and Nancy Guagenti
Marcia Reska-Hadden and Dennis Hadden
Patrick Hall
Laura Wiederaenders and Allison Harden
Jillian Hatsumi
Susan Hay
Dr. Naomi Hayashi
Linda and Marshall Heinberg
Steve Hernandez
Susan Ciani and Lou Hewitt
Amy Hewitt
Mike Hilberman
Oren Moverman and Yael Hirsch-Moverman
Serena Hong
Krystyne Hooper
Mary Lou Hughes
Elaine and Thomas Hui
Rich and Susan Jacobson
Erika James
Joslyn Jenkins
John R. and Beverly J. Larson Foundation
Jennifer Johnson
Penelope Johnston-Foote
Kim Judge
Eileen Karachin
Paul Kasin
Larry and Catherine Kasper
Dr. Rae Lyn Burke and Dr. Reg Kelly
Marcella Magiera and Samuel Kenberg
Jean Kerssen
Mark Kinney
Diana Kirkwood
Jessica Klinger
David Koz
Billy and Karen Kramer
Ilene Kramer
Theodore Krause
Marc and Patricia Krieger
The Krupa Family Trust
Joseph and Patricia Kuhar
Carrie and Richard Kusterbeck
Burt and Trina Lampl
Mary Ann Landes
Beth and Anthony Lasita
Patricia LaTorre
Dr. Clifford Lazarus and Donna Lazarus
Kenneth and Ellen LeBlanc
Kristina Lee
Soo Lee
Bruce and Robyn Leto
Dr. Chuck Cowan and Dr. Rhonda Levitt
Felicia and Sander Levy
Michael Lewbel
Amira Littman
Christie Salomon and Richard Lombard
Jennifer Low
Zoe Lowery
Omar Lugones
Tom and Terry Luria
Daniel Lynes
Eishin Machida
Lynn Therese Mai
Martin and Laurie Mai
Sandra Mann
Marcella Fire Company
Bill Markson
Dalton Martin
Leslie Martin
Michael McCall
Jaclyn and Ben McClain
Greg and Michelle McConville
William and Patricia McGuire
Sheri McKenna
Les and Renee McNair
Kristine and Michael Meiners
Wallace Mersereau
David and Annette Michaelsen
Brian Miller
Dr. Laurence and Olivia Miller
Lucille Miller
Robin Miller
Lisa Belo Mocho
Sara Rubin and David Montanari
Kurt Muench
John and Nancy Mulhern
Tom and Martina Murphy
John Murphy
Lauren and Tam Murray
James Murtha
Rebecca Randall and Jeff Musser
Sherry Nagy
Tamara Nazzal
Christopher Ng
Jack and Laila Nilles

Roger Norris
Billie Jo O’Brien
Nathalie Odernheimer
Frederick J. Oles, Sr. and Valerie Oles
Ray and Karen Ostrowski
Deborah Overton
Constance Owen
Harold and Melanie Oyster
Col. Kerry Parker and Josephine Parker
Kiran Patel
Anne and Bob Patterson
Carol Ames and Philippe Perebinossoff
David Permut
Kurt and Wendy Peterson
Andrea and Paul Pett-Joseph
PHE, Inc.
Yvonne Pinedo
Adam Platt
Craig Plestis
John and Cynthia Pohlen
Renee Pompe
Jeffrey and Belinda Pop
Pouch All, Inc.
Jennifer Powel
John & Sue Prange Trust
Michael Pritchard
Steven Python
Quicken Loans
Vandana Rao
Bryce Reiner
Didi Reuben
Christine and Bob Reznick
Stephan Riedmaier
Kelly Rizzo
Jackson Roberson
Dawn Rock
Brett Rootberg
James Rosen
Anthony and Jane Rothschild
Amanda Ruch
Jason Rush
Lynn Russell
Ava Russo
Sara Sandel
Jay Sanderson
Melanie Santos
Gail Thelin and David Saxon
Sandy Schenck
Julie Scher
Steven Scott
Peetie Seiler
The Seligsohn Foundation
Adam Selkowitz
David Sheil and Regina McLester Sheil
Steve and Barbara Shepard
Hannah Shostack
Terri Silber
Daniela Simpson
Umang Singh
Kim Smazal and Dr. Stan Smazal
Brad Smith
Kora Smith
Julie Smith
Austin and Debi Smith
Michael and Diana Staiano
Mark Stamford
Kenneth Steinhart
Ken and Mary Jo Stillwagon
Nancy Hollander and Kenneth Sunshine
Jaime Sweeney
Robert and Dianna Swenson
Patty Tacheny
Dr. Ken Takesita
Emir Talu
Michael and Annette Teodoro
Michael Tine
Dr. Kathryn Torok
Travelers Companies
Dr. Brett Trockman and Sharon Trockman
Nathan Turner
Allan and Therese Turner
Sherri and Nick Tuso
Chris and Tracy Velkover
Thomas and Carolyn Wachter
Diane Warner
Carrie Watson
W.H. Ferer Co., LLC
Ellen White
William Whitehurst
Dr. Alan Whitman and Joanne Whitman
Judy Willis
Linda Tsiu and Gordon Wong
Gary and Marilyn Wright
Steven and Julie Wright
Mark Zelenak
Hilary Zunin

In Memory

We express our deepest sympathy to the families and friends of the following people in whose memory gifts were made during our fiscal year.

Nancy Gayle Abrams
Linda Olsen Adams
Hilda Allen
Norma and Phillip Altus
Lois Alviar
Elaine Aresco
Lety Armstrong
Donna Baggett
Deborah Layton Bailey
Holly Bailey
Shirley J. Ballard
Joyce Baskin
Joyce Bauer
Joan Beaman
Susan Belisle-Hall
Clara Benedetti
Betty Z. Benedict
Gwen Benford
Maureen Bernardi
Elnor Berryessa
Dorothy V. Betz
Helen Bielski
Lois Bieniek
Marie Blair
Barbara Blake
Mae Boulger
Doris Bourgeois
Lloyd Bowman
Kevin Breaux
Suzanne Brenner
Jerry Bruinooge
Barbara An Budd
Sarah Burgess
Carol Young Calder
Regina Callahan
Andre Campbell
Michael Capello
Daniel Carey
Vicki Carlson-Roberts
Marilyn and Ron Carminati
Eve Carrington
Beatrice Carter
Jeffrey Charapp
Greg Christensen
Eileen Clary
Patricia Connors-Zini
Nellie Cree
Bob Dailey
Anna Damiani
Zavion Davenport
Deborah DeFrancis
Marge Dell’Elmo
Jackie Dietrich
Brent Dobbie
Matthew Dobie
Vernon Dunn
Mary Dyer
Patricia Dziak
Betty Eckhard
Mary Einspanjer
Rori Wilensky Eisenberg
Sefani Eisenstat
Sally English
Dominick Esposito
Kay Etow
Thelma Ewell
James Fecko
Alyce Ferrari
Frances Ferraro
Melvin Fradkin
Aida Fregozo
Catalda Gasparetti
Nancy Gevirtz
Thomas Gilbert
Arleen Gilbertson
Jerry Ginsburg
Bobby Glick
P.J. Gomez
Don Gooding
Barbara Gottfried
Grace Goudswaard
Sharonda Graham
Harriet Grauer
Marilyn Grieshop
Jerry Groce
Sylvia Grossman
Beverly Grossman
Christopher Guadagnini
Margaret Guelker

Dianne Hafley
Sandra Hagen
Steve Hall
Sandy Hazelhofer
Gillian Rose Heath
Marcia Heller
Martha Robles Hernandez
Rosaline Hernandez
Annette Hess
Kathryn Doub Hinman
Eloise Hocking
Sally Holmes
Merle Holstein
Stacie B. Hooper
Carol Lynn Hulsing
Mary Nell Hutchens
Deborah Shure Jacobson
Shelly Jenkins
Mimi Keane
Cathi Keilty
Joyce Deveau Kennedy
Priscilla Kenyon
Yasmin Khan
Paula King
Virgil Klassy
Ann Kleban
Arthur Koellmer
Margaret Kollitides
Joan Kosmach
Helmut Kramer
Sandra Kuebler
Richard Kusterbeck
Beverly Larson
Yuet Wa Law
Barbara Pittman Lawler
John and Ann LeBlanc
Beverly Leigh
Randy Leimbach
Kay Lindquist
Kathryn Loeb
Janee Loewenstein
Mary Lofstrom
Mary Lou Long
Cyndi Kay Lutz
Barbara MacDonald
Shigenobu Machida
Robert C. Mahler
Tom and Jeanette Malanowski
Catherine Manion
Kathleen Mansfield
Bill Mantell
Krislyn Manwaring
Joanne Marcus
Frank Marisi
Theresa Marone
Andrea Berman Matis
Gale Hope Matis
Perry Mayes
Ruby C. McCall
Hamilton Mencher
Teri Mikulski
Daniel Mitchell
Eleanor Mitterling
Lena Moccia
Shirley Belo Mocho
Richard J. Mohr
Phyliss Monistere
Sharon Monsky
Erin Moore
Samuel Muhlfelder
Dolores (Lorie) Murphy
Sheila Hill Murray
Ellen Nathanson
Valerie Niles
Laila Nilles
Lillian Nishimoto
Lorraine Eileen Noack
Laurie Noonan
Joy Norrie
James Noz
Valerie Oles
Margaret Olson
Sandra O’Neal
Mary Osgood
Connie Palladino
Debra D. Palmer
Marlene Paluta
Jonathan Parker
Estherann Perelman

Grace Pezrow
Dolores Piehl
Robert Piraro
Beverly Pizzuto
Carlin Popke
Diana Pralgo
Monica Przelomski-Pacifico
Dagmar Pulkkinen
Anne S. Rabin
Stamati Rallis
Barbara Ann Ray
Ben Reiff
Phyllis Renzi
Carol Reynolds
Sydney Richards
Debi Rizzo Rivelli
Carol Rizzo
Raymond Rizzo, Sr.
Stephanie Rose
Stanton Rosenbaum
Bobby Rowland
Linda Kay Royer
Dolly Saget
Gay Saget
Mary Salim
Carmen Sandica
Helen Schindler
Peggy Scott
Mary Gail Seffens
Betty Selbe
Jean L. Shanklin
Ronald Shay
Caroline Rice Smith
David Smith
Enid Smith
Rhoda Solow
Jo Ann Sonis
Marco Sorge
Susan Spivack
Anthony A. Staiano
Aaron Steele
Lenore Steinhart
Kerstin Sutherland Stemple
Sophie Stepien
E. Gary Stevens
Gary Stevens
Marjorie M. Stolker
Peter Strouch
Lily Swartz
Frances Swartz
Mary Alice Swenfurth
Rip Taylor
Edith Terry
Liz Theisen
Elizabeth Thompson
Sarah Torrens
Norma Torres
Carmela Trupia
Gwendolyn S. Turner
Marjorie B. Turner
Tonia Ushkowitz
Teri Valocchi
Cornelia Vanderlee
Carolyn Venuti
Anne F. Votze
Scott Wachter
Ronnie Warner
Gary Waters
Susan Wayne
Mary Weiner
Beatrice Weitzler
Michael David Westerhouse
Sompit White
William Whitehurst, Sr.
Mary Wick
Richard Wiener
Lesley Williams
Michael T. Williams
Michael Williams
Shirley Willman
Bonnie Berry Wiseman
Agnese Wojdak
Joanne Wooldridge
Joanne Woolridge
Eugenia Ann Benke Wright
Faye Young
Rich Zehnder
Barbara Zimmerman

In Honor

Gifts made to the Scleroderma Research Foundation in honor of special people and milestones have a significant impact on our research. The following individuals were recognized during our fiscal year by family and friends who made a gift in their honor:

Nina Abbitt
Tim Bantau
Samira Barrett
Preston Barton
Melita Belgrave
Debra Berman
Iris Berman
Deborah Bischoff
Maggie Blaisdell
Mariann Boyanowski
Bonny Lee Bruner
Debra Berman Buckley
Lori Butler
Amy Capell
Elisa Capstick
Anna Carter
Maxine Chayka
Connie Chew
Gregory Cohen
Joanne Condon
William Conger
Kerri Constantine
Sarah Corley
Tammy Coselli
Dana Delany
Dominique Dickau
Addie Duxbury
Vicki Ehrenman
Jeffrey L. Eisenberg
Trenton Eisenberg
Laura Engel
Nancy Escobar
Monica Espinoza
Judy and Tony Evnin
Luke Evnin
Patricia Feldman
Susan Feniger
Tammy Fenton
Larry Fradkin
Christine Frascella
Sherri Froeber
Jeffrey Gevirtz
Tammy Gilbert

Anita Glickel
Ilona Goddard
Joanne Gold
Sheila Golden
Ronald Goldman
Stephanie Gomes
Catherine Gorgoni
Anna Green
Joseph Green
Jeffrey Greenwald
Emma Grey
Holly Hauser
Georgia Haywood
Barbara Jo Heenan
Lisa Helfand
Lori Herz
Amy Hewitt
Catherine Horvath
Mary Lou Hughes
Roberta Hunter
Rachel Johnson
Kathy Karson
Joyce Kerssen
Satya Khanna
Margaret Kinaitis
Sara Kiplinger
David Knoller
LaRae Kuhar
Mindy Lange
Michelle Langmead
Barbara Lankosz
Dorothy Lee
Robin Lee
Nancy Leskanich
Laura Lopez
Jeff Mace
Helen Mai
Gloria Marotta
Claire Martin-Park
Anne Terrell Masters
Katie McGrath
Violetta Merin
Jamie Mintzer

Nancy Mischel
Janice Moffett
Michelle Monsein
Frank Mori
Erin Murtha
Barbara Nerich
Tony Paster
Cory Perugino
Kiley Pesce
Rosemarie Prezioso
Kelli Radmall
Malia Lovelace Ritchie
Kelly Rizzo
Mary Roberts
Adam Saget
Bob Saget
Bobbi Salmon
Tami Sauer
Cindy Schlett
Stewart Seaholm
Sophie Anne Seaman
Bernie Selig
Barbara Shepard
Niki Singh
Barbara Stanton
Cindy Sublett
Barbara Sunseri
Angela Switzer
Melissa Tarantino
Melanie Tiffin
Jane Timmins
Dr. Kathryn Torok
Debbie Upthegrove
Barbara Wayne
Eve Weinberg
Julie Weinstein
Jean Marie Wielgosz
Maryclaire Wilkinson
Haley Wilson
Deann Wright
Susan Yoast

The Sharon Monsky Legacy Society

The Scleroderma Research Foundation Legacy Society honors donors who have chosen to support the future of scleroderma research beyond their lifetimes by making an estate gift. We deeply appreciate those who have left a gift that will impact the SRF research program for years to come.

Estate of Maria Anargyros*
Estate of Harold E. Aust*
Sylvia Marie Becherer Revocable Trust*
Estate of Betty Z. Benedict*
Estate of Ralph Benner*
Heather Jean Byrnes
Stephanie Colotti
Estate of Teresa W. Duggan*
Karen Fraley 2005 Family Trust
Herbert E. Freedman
Melanie Hill
Estate of Carol Lynn Hulsing*
Estate of Eva Jenkins*
Estate of Mary Taylor Keith*
Cheh Yung Kim
Estate of Edward Klinger*
Marie C. Kronman Charitable Lead Annuity Trust*
Jennifer Langer
Margaret E. Lee Irrevocable Trust*
Estate of Janice Lowry*
Estate of Thomas I. Malanowski*

La Verne B. McCrory*
Estate of Neal McGuire*
Martha McHenry*
Estate of Ramelle Ferer Monsky*
Neptune Charitable Remainder Trust*
Neptune Family Trust*
Estate of Jerome T. Osborne, Sr.*
Frank Peltzer Living Trust*
Joyce Prime
Anne D. Ramsier Family Trust*
Estate of Julian C. Roberts*
Dolly Saget*
Mary Scott Trust
Cheryl E. Shea*
Robert H. Shutan Trust*
James Simon Family Trust*
Estate of Helen I. Steffanus*
Estate of Clinton and Marion Ternstrom*
Nathan Turner
Estate of Lorraine Wempner*
Estate of Mary Ann Wolff*

*indicates estate gift

If you have included the Scleroderma Research Foundation in your estate plans, please let us know, so that we may honor you as a member of the SRF Legacy Society. For more information, please call Cori Traub at 800.441.CURE ext 2 or email cori@sclerodermareserach.org