CONQUEST: Patient Impact

How CONQUEST helps the scleroderma community

New scientific advancements have brought to light many new understandings of the mechanisms of action—specifically, the drivers of autoimmunity and fibrosis—and have generated a rich pipeline of promising therapeutics across autoimmunity and specifically, for scleroderma. However, among other issues, the breadth and depth of opportunities poses clinical development challenges in a rare disease setting such as scleroderma.

CONQUEST arrives at the right moment to address those challenges and offers unique benefits for scleroderma patients. It also offers huge efficiencies to encourage more clinical trials and more rapid evaluation of potential therapies.

What are the benefits of CONQUEST to scleroderma patients?

CONQUEST is a unique opportunity for patients for the following reasons:

  • Efficient trial design to study multiple therapies with a go/no-go decision
  • Be part of drug discovery/biomarker validation/outcomes measures development and validation
  • Highest possible chance of randomization to an active arm (compared with other trial designs)
  • Availability of placebo data to the broad scleroderma medical science community (to improve design and timelines iteratively)

Who will be eligible to participate?

As in all clinical trials, the CONQUEST protocol will identify what are called entry criteria, detailing the profiles of patients needed to evaluate the potential new drugs. Patients can learn more about CONQUEST by checking back here.

SRF will support this global effort, using our global social media reach and news outlets to create awareness in the scleroderma community worldwide. While none of the trial sites are currently recruiting patients, this website is the beginning of a broader patient awareness program.

Where will CONQUEST happen?

Though none of the trial sites is currently recruiting, it is anticipated that more than 130 sites worldwide will participate in CONQUEST. Trial centers will be based in Europe, North America, Asia, and South America.

Anticipated Countries with Target Number of Sites

Argentina – 3 sites

Austria – 2 sites

Belgium – 3 sites

Canada -3 sites

Chile – 2 sites

Czech Republic – 2 sites

Denmark – TBD

France – 11 sites

Germany – 3 sites

Hungary – 2 sites

Israel – 4 sites

Italy – 6 sites

Japan – 15 sites

Mexico – 2 sites

Netherlands – 4 sites

Norway – 2 sites

Poland – 5 sites

Portugal – 5 sites

Spain – 8 sites

Sweden – TBD

Switzerland – 1 site

Taiwan – 3 sites

United Kingdom – 5 sites

United States – 35 sites

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