SRF Research

Research is the key. 

Our Research Program

The Scleroderma Research Foundation’s research program funds a diverse portfolio of research projects aimed at understanding scleroderma pathogenesis and potential ways to intervene therapeutically.

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Current Funded Projects

Each year, the SRF receives and evaluates many applications for projects aimed at all facets of scleroderma research. We ask numerous questions in considering projects for future funding, such as: does this project investigate, and would it answer, a fundamental question about the scleroderma disease process? Would this project yield unique insights into targeting therapies to patients?

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The SRF Scientific Workshop

All applicants, whether new or seeking continued funding, present their projects to the SRF’s Scientific Advisory Board and other attendees at the annual SRF Workshop. There, assumptions are challenged, the project’s relevance and limitations are probed, and constructive criticism and collaborative discussion ensues.

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The CONQUER Registry

The CONQUER Registry is the first nationwide longitudinal registry for scleroderma patients in the United States.  Led by the SRF and a group of clinicians from twelve major academic centers, this potentially transformative endeavor was launched in 2018.


Current Funded Investigators

When evaluating research applications for funding, we consider the investigator’s potential contributions to the SRF research program with questions such as: does the investigator have the appropriate skills and background to accomplish the project goals? Will this investigator add to our community through collaboration and generous sharing of ideas or resources?

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