Find a Scleroderma Treatment Center Near You.


University of Alabama at Birmingham

UAB Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology
W. Winn Chatham, MD Director, Division of Clinical Immunology and Rheumatology
Appointments: 205-996-7438

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Mayo Clinic Arizona

Division of Rheumatology – Scleroderma Clinic
W. Leroy Griffing, MD – Director of Scleroderma Clinic
Appointments: 800-446-2279

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University of California San Francisco

UCSF Scleroderma Clinic
Andrew Gross, MD
Clinic Phone: 415-353-4407

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Rheumatology/Dermatology Clinic
Lorinda Chung, MD; Janice Lin, MD, MPH; David Fiorentino, MD, PhD
Rheumatology Appointments: 650-723-6961
Dermatology Appointments: 650-723-6316

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Cedars Sinai

Kao Autoimmunity Institute and Scleroderma Program
Francesco Boin, MD Director, Division of Rheumatology and Scleroderma Center
Clinic Phone: 310-423-6257

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University of California Los Angeles

UCLA Rheumatology Department
Elizabeth Volkman, MD, MS
Appointments: 310-825-2448

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National Jewish Health, Denver

Scleroderma Program
Rebecca C. Keith, MD
Appointments: 800-621-0505

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University of Colorado Hospital

Rheumatology Clinic
Elana Weinstein, MD; Duane Pearson, MD; Joanne Zell, MD; Kristi Kuhn, MD; Kevin Deane, MD
Contact: 720-848-7700

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University of Connecticut Health Center

UConn Rheumatology
Santhanam Lakshminarayanan, M.D.; Ranadeep R. Mandhadi, M.D.; William E. Traverse, M.D., FACR
Appointments: 860-679-2160, 800-535-6232

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Yale Medicine

The Yale Scleroderma Program
Monique Hinchcliff, MD, MS, Director of The Yale Scleroderma Program
Appointments: 203-785-2454

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District of Columbia

George Washington University

Scleroderma Clinic
Vicky Shanmugam, MD, FACP, FACR
Appointments: 202-741-2488 (Fridays only)

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Georgetown University Hospital

Department of Rheumatology
Virginia Steen, MD
Appointments: 202-342-2400

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Cleveland Clinic Florida

Rheumatology Department
John Donohue, MD
Appointments: 877-463-2010

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Emory University

Department of Rheumatology
Katina Tsagaris, DO; Susan Wallis, MD
Appointments: 404-778-4366

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University of Chicago

Rheumatology Practice
Saba Ahmed, MD; Marcus Clark, MD
Appointments: 773-702-6119 or 888-824-0200

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University of Illinois at Chicago Medical Center

Rheumatology Center
Sunica Volkov, MD; Shiva Arami MD, Huan Chang, MD
Appointments: 312-413-5569

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Northwestern University

Scleroderma Program
Chase Correia, MD
Appointments: 312-503-1137

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University of Indiana School of Medicine

IU Health Rheumatology
Mary Jacobs, MD; Golda James, MD
Appointments: 317-944-1000

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Louisiana State University

LSU Healthcare Network – Neurology and Rheumatology
Myriam Guevara, MD
Appointments: 504-412-1517

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Tulane University

Allergy, Immunology, and Rheumatology Clinic (located in Lung Center)
Lesley Saketkoo, MD, MPH
Appointments: 504-988-8600

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Johns Hopkins Medicine

Johns Hopkins Scleroderma Center
Fredrick Wigley, MD; Ami Shah, MD, MHS; Laura Hummers, MD, ScM; Zsuzsanna McMahan, MD, MHS; Julie Paik, MD, MHS; Christopher Mecoli, MD, MHS
Appointments: 410-550-7715

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University of Massachusetts Memorial Medical Center

Rheumatology Clinic
Elena Gkrouzman, MD
Appointments: 855-862-7763

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Massachusetts General Hospital

Scleroderma Program
Flavia Castelino, MD; Marcy B. Bolster, MD; Sara Schoenfeld, MD
Appointments: 617-728-7938

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Boston University School of Medicine

Scleroderma Program
Andreea Bujor, MD; Michael York, MD; Marcin Trojanowski, MD
Appointments: 617-638-4312

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University of Michigan

Scleroderma Program
Dinesh Khanna, MD, MS; John Varga, MD; Vivek Nagaraja, MD; David Alan Fox, MD; David Roofeh, MD
Appointments: 734-647-5900

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West Michigan Rheumatology

West Michigan Rheumatology
Richard Martin, MD, MA; Andrew Head, MD; Eric Slavin, MD; Aaron Eggebeen, MD
Information: 616-459-8088

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Henry Ford Health System

Henry Ford Rheumatology
Alireza Maysami, MD, CPE
Appointments: 855-743-8643

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University of Minnesota

Rheumatology Clinic
Jerry Molitor, MD, PhD
Information: 763-898-1080

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Mayo Clinic Minnesota

Scleroderma Clinic
Ali A. Duarte Garcia, MD; Amir Orandi, MD; Thomas Osborn, MD
Appointments: 507-538-3270

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New Jersey

Rutgers-Robert Wood Johnson Medical Group

Scleroderma Program
Vivien M. Hsu, MD
Appointments: 732-235-7217

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New York

Northwell Health

Rheumatology Clinic
Richard Furie, MD
Appointments: 888-321-3627

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Hospital for Special Surgery (NY)

Scleroderma, Vasculitis, and Myositis Center
Robert Spiera, MD (Director); Jessica Gordon, MD; Kim Showalter, MD
Appointments: 212-774-2048

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Columbia University

Scleroderma Program
Elana Bernstein, MD
Appointments: 212-305-4308

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New York University

NYU Langone Orthopedic Center
Kristin Lee, MD; Harry Shen, MD; Natalie Azar, MD; Paula Rackoff, MD; Jonathan Samuels, MD; Stephen Smiles, MD
Contact: 646-501-7400

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University of Rochester

Rheumatology Clinic
Benjamin Korman, MD
Contact: 585-486-0901

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North Carolina

Duke University Medical Center

Scleroderma Research Center Clinic
Ankoor Shah, MD
Appointments: 919-613-2243

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Cleveland Clinic

Rheumatologic and Immunologic Disease
Soumya Chatterjee, MD, MS, FRCP
Appointments: 216-444-5632

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Thomas Jefferson University

Scleroderma Center
Sergio Jiminez, MD; Fabian A. Mendoza, MD, FACR
Appointments: 215-955-8430

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University of Pittsburgh Children’s Hospital

Pediatric Rheumatology Department
Kathryn S. Torok, MD
Appointments: 412-692-5081

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University of Pittsburgh

Division of Rheumatology
Robert Lafyatis, MD; Robyn T. Domsic, MD, MPH
Appointments: 412-864-7055

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University of Pennsylvania

Penn Rheumatology
Chris Derk, MD; Peter Merkel, MD, MPH; Nora Sandorfi, MD
Appointments: 800-789-7366

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South Carolina

Medical University of South Carolina

MUSC Rheumatology
Richard Silver, MD; Faye Hant, DO; Celine Ward, MD
Appointments: 843-792-9200

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University of Tennessee Medical Group

University Rheumatology
Jeffry Bieber, MD; Christy Park, MD; Marcum Collins, MD
Appointments: 865-546-6554

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University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston

Rheumatology Clinic
Maureen Mayes, MD; Shervin Assassi, MD, MS
Appointments: 713-486-3100

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University of Utah

Progressive Systemic Sclerois Clinic
Tracy Frech, MD, MS
Appointments: 801-581-7724

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Virginia Mason Medical Center

Rheumatology Department
Jeffrey Carlin, MD
Appointments: 206-223-6824

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The Rheumatology Clinic at the University of Washington Medical Clinic

Scleroderma Clinic
Mark Wener, MD; Ganesh Raghu, MD
Appointments: 206-598-6285

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