George Yancopoulos, MD, PhD

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals Inc.


Dr. Yancopoulos is Founding Scientist, President, and Chief Scientific Officer for Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. His scientific efforts have focused on growth factors, their mechanisms of action, and their role in a wide variety of diseases. His research group discovered the angiopoietins and the ephrins–new families of growth factors that help mediate growth of blood vessels and other cell types. Many of the discoveries of Dr. Yancopoulos and his research group have resulted in therapeutic candidates now in clinical trials, such as the VEGF-TrapTM for cancer and blinding eye diseases, including AMD, and the IL-1 TrapTM for inflammatory diseases. His research group has additionally developed an innovative set of technology platforms that will greatly speed drug development. He has been recognized among the most highly cited scientists in the world, in a survey by the Institute for Scientific Information.

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