This year, the Scleroderma Research Foundation (SRF) launched the CONQUER Registry, the first nationwide longitudinal scleroderma patient registry in the U.S.


What is the CONQUER Registry and why does it deserve our special consideration?

Scleroderma is heterogeneous; in other words, the disease presents in many different ways. This heterogeneity creates challenges for physicians in determining the best plan for treating any one patient.

The CONQUER Registry will collect long-term clinical data on thousands of patients over many years creating a platform for researchers to tease out subgroups of patients, and to study biological mechanisms and test therapies in more homogeneous groups of patients.  In other words, the CONQUER Registry will be an important step toward more personalized medicine for scleroderma patients and improve our ability to conduct research studies and successful scleroderma clinical trials. 


The CONQUER Registry is currently enrolling at twelve U.S. academic centers and will expand to five additional U.S. centers this year. To support this ambitious growth, we are featuring the CONQUER Registry in the 2019 SRF Spring Research Challenge.


Please join us to support this landmark project with a generous gift today. Until May 20th,  Chairman Luke Evnin, PhD, and SRF board member Deann Wright will match every dollar donated up to $100,000—doubling the impact of your gift!

Together, we will CONQUER scleroderma!



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