David Botstein, PhD

California Life Company (Calico)


Dr. David Botstein is a renowned geneticist, educator, and pioneer of the Human Genome Project. He currently serves as the Chief Scientific Officer of Calico, a research and development biotech company established in 2013 by Google, with the goal of tackling the aging process. Dr. Botstein served as the Director of the Lewis–Sigler Institute for Integrative Genomics at Princeton University from 2003-2013, where he remains the Anthony B. Evnin Professor of Genomics. He was a professor and research scientist at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for two decades, before joining Genentech as Vice President for Science, followed by the Stanford School of Medicine faculty, where he chaired the Department of Genetics. Dr. Botstein is known for his use of genetic methods to understand biological functions and systems. His pioneering insights into human gene mapping helped lay the foundation for the Human Genome Project more than 25 years ago. Dr. David Botstein has received numerous awards for his work on the Human Genome Project, including the Breakthrough Prize from the Life Sciences Foundation (2013), and the Albany Medical Center Prize in Medicine and Biomedical Research, often lauded as “America’s Nobel,” in 2010.

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