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Grant Guidelines and Applications

Funded Investigator Ruslan Medzhitov is interviewed at the Scientific Advisory Workshop, 2018

The Scleroderma Research Foundation is continually looking for opportunities to increase understanding of scleroderma pathogenesis and to promote the design and development of innovative therapeutic approaches. We encourage applications from current scleroderma specialists as well as from those who have not previously worked on scleroderma.

Research grant applications for up to three years and an annual maximum award of $200,000 are considered.

To apply, email

Post-Doctoral Fellowships

SAB member Antony Rosen at the Scientific Advisory Workshop, 2018

Two-year postdoctoral fellowships in scleroderma research will be granted to candidates who have received their MD or PhD degree from a US medical or graduate school or equivalent educational institution. In considering candidates, emphasis will be on the quality of the research proposal and demonstrated commitment to scleroderma research.

The application must be accompanied by a letter from the principal lead investigator underscoring the commitment to scleroderma research.

To apply, email Alex Gonzalez at