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Best Medicine: Engagement & Advocacy

By November 12, 2020July 16th, 2021No Comments
Patty, in whose memory Best Medicine is held

Scleroderma advocates don’t stop during a pandemic—they adapt. The Connors-McBride and Zini family demonstrated just that. They transformed Best Medicine (usually a live comedy show) into a virtual experience, raising critical funds for the SRF.

Maureen Connors-McBride explains that they lost Patty, her mother (pictured here), six years ago to scleroderma. Maureen adds, “She’s the reason we founded Best Medicine and what motivates us to spread awareness about this little known disease.” This past October, that motivation resulted in over $3,500 to fund scleroderma research.

“We’re hopeful that someday there will be a cure. But for now we’ll keep using laughter to spread awareness since it is, of course, the best medicine,” says Maureen

To the Connors-McBride and Zini family, thank you for your passion for finding a cure. Because of your incredible engagement, we can keep putting research at the center of all we do.