Living with Scleroderma

Sydney’s Story

By February 24, 2021July 13th, 2021No Comments

February is Black History Month, and Sydney (@sydneysnoble) is spreading awareness about how scleroderma affected her. “I find it extremely important to share my story this month,“ she says. She recognizes the “lack of awareness about scleroderma plus the higher incidence of this disease within the Black community.”

Like many patients, Sydney made difficult changes to her life when diagnosed a little over a year ago. “Prior to being diagnosed I was a professional dancer, photographer, and full-time business owner who juggled all three hustles simultaneously,” she says. Amidst the loss of these important parts of her life, Sydney’s grateful that she was able to be diagnosed quickly. She realizes that’s not always true for others. “Scleroderma compared to other autoimmune diseases is so unknown within the nation today,” Sydney explains.

It’s about more than just awareness for Sydney; she notes that research is critical. “Finding a cure is of the utmost importance,” she says. But, she adds, it’s also important to “find treatment plans in the immediate future that are as safe and healthy for the body as possible.”

In the meantime, Sydney’s positive mindset keeps her strong in the face of these challenges. “Although my life path has been forever changed I was able to adapt and continue on with running my candle business, The Noble Brand,” she says. “Just because my immune system is fighting me, that doesn’t mean I can’t fight back.”