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26 Years After the Release of “For Hope”

By November 17, 2022March 29th, 2023No Comments

It’s been 26 years since the release of “For Hope”—the first and only movie to tell a family’s story of living with scleroderma, directed and executive produced by SRF Board Member Bob Saget.

This year, watching “For Hope” is more bittersweet than ever as we’ve mourned Bob’s loss. His gift of sharing elements of his own family’s experience through film put scleroderma on the map in the 90’s. Its impact continues today, as “For Hope” still brings widespread attention to scleroderma and the need for research.

“This film was inspired by my sister Gay who lost her life to scleroderma when she was only 47. It is incredibly painful to have a loved one experience a condition like this,” Bob said last year, reflecting on its 25th anniversary a few months before his passing. “‘For Hope’ was an emotional film to make, but I know it still brings awareness to scleroderma and why we need research. There will be no improved treatment and there is no cure without the research.”

We’re honored to continue to share this film that meant so much to Bob. It’s available to watch here on our website.