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The SRF’s Annual Science Workshop Drives Research Collaboration

By May 1, 2024May 7th, 2024No Comments

The SRF’s recent Annual Science Workshop brought together researchers from across the country for innovative collaboration. Held this year on April 12 & 13, the workshop serves as the cornerstone of our research program. Over two days, participating Scientific Advisors, funded investigators, new applicants, and expert speakers shared research updates, engaged in rigorous discussion, and brainstormed new approaches.

Following the workshop, Scientific Advisory Board members help evaluate the progress and potential of each project. By lending their expertise and insights, we can make impactful funding decisions, investing in exceptional basic and translational research that is both broad and deep.

The workshop’s unique format fosters a collaborative environment that helps expedite research discoveries and allows for faster translation to patient care. It underscores our longstanding commitment to boldly driving progress in scleroderma research and bringing hope to those living with the disease. We look forward to announcing funded projects over the coming months.

Pictured: SRF-funded researcher Ryan Flynn (Boston Children’s Hospital, Harvard University) in conversation at the Science Workshop