Collaborating on CONQUER

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CONQUER coordinations

Last week during the American College of Rheumatology Conference in Philadelphia, the SRF hosted two meetings to convene Principal Investigators and Research Coordinators from all 17 institutions participating in the CONQUER Registry. Each center provided updates on their progress in enrolling patients and collecting data for this nationwide longitudinal patient registry, and the group worked to define the registry’s strategy for 2023.

CONQUER, which stands for Collaborative National Quality and Efficacy Registry, is a first-of-its-kind nationwide patient registry and biosample repository. Through enrolling thousands of patients from around the country, researchers and clinicians will be able to learn about all forms of scleroderma, in patients of all backgrounds and ethnicities. They can then use that knowledge to advance research and discovery.

But CONQUER still needs more participants. Want to learn more about CONQUER and how you can a part of groundbreaking research? Email

(Pictured: CONQUER Research Coordinators and SRF staff in Philadelphia)