Dr. Howard Chang Talks Innovations in Scleroderma Research

By June 21, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments

SRF funded-investigator Dr. Howard Chang of the Stanford University School of Medicine is working on an innovative project to understand disease-relevant mechanisms in scleroderma: his novel Twin Study is investigating differences in genetically identical twins where one twin has scleroderma and the other does not. He credits the SRF’s support and community-building as an important part of being able to make his progress on this project possible.

We’re highlighting the Twin Study as part of our annual Research Challenge because all funds donated help the SRF support exceptional scientists and clinicians like Dr. Chang to advance our understanding of scleroderma, discover treatments, and, ultimately, eradicate this disease.

And thanks to a generous gift from SRF Board Chair, Dr. Luke Evnin, and Research Chair, Deann Wright, all gifts to the Research Challenge will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, through July 15th. Can we count on you to donate today and help us move promising scleroderma research forward? Give today.