Meet Dr. Elana Bernstein, Investigator in the SRF-Sponsored CONQUER Registry

By November 6, 2021November 19th, 2021No Comments
Dr. Elana Bernstein

The American College of Rheumatology meeting is in progress! Meet Dr. Elana Bernstein, an Assistant Professor at Columbia and Program Director of the CUMC/NYP Scleroderma Program, who studies lung disease in systemic sclerosis. Dr. Bernstein, who is also an investigator in the SRF-sponsored CONQUER registry, today reported on the prevalence of ILD and the use of Nintedanib in the cohort of approximately 500 patients currently enrolled in CONQUER. 

Founded and administered by the SRF, CONQUER is the nation’s only multi-institutional, longitudinal registry of scleroderma patients and is a collaboration among the leading 15 scleroderma sites in the US and the SRF. The ability to track scleroderma patients and their outcomes on different therapies is the goal of CONQUER and it is inspiring to see early evidence of the utility of the groundbreaking CONQUER registry.