Sarah Wood, Research Coordinator, Shares Why CONQUER Is “Unlike Any Other Research Study”

By March 18, 2022No Comments

Meet Sarah Wood, the Clinical/Translational Research Coordinator at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. A recently graduated master’s student who researched autoimmune diseases, she’s now turning her focus to ending scleroderma. She serves as the coordinator at Vanderbilt for CONQUER (COllaborative, National QUality and Efficacy Registry), a first-of-its-kind nationwide, longitudinal registry of scleroderma patients launched by the SRF.

“Since joining CONQUER, it has been a joy of mine getting to know our patients and form a more personal relationship, walking alongside them and supporting them in every way possible throughout their journey,” Sarah says. “It is incredible and unlike any other research study I have worked on previously.”

CONQUER’s potential to unravel the mysteries of scleroderma comes from you. As Sarah says, “Scleroderma may be a rare disease, but there is unbelievable hope and perseverance in finding a cure, and our patients are helping with that.” If you’re interested in participating, visit our page to review your eligibility and find a center near you.

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