Chamara’s Story

By April 9, 2021December 20th, 2023No Comments

Chamara lost her mother, Carmen, to scleroderma in 1992. “I always said that I would get involved with a foundation at some point and time has permitted it now,” she says. Earlier this year, Chamara joined the SRF’s Cure Crew—our grassroots volunteer program that raises funds and awareness for scleroderma research—by creating a Facebook birthday fundraiser and asking her friends and family to contribute.

She recognizes how much this disease can impact whole families, not just individuals. “Scleroderma affects families just as any other high-risk disease such as cancer or AIDS,” Chamara says. “We need to shed light on this disease and provide the proper knowledge, research, and understanding to those that are misinformed or unaware of its risk.”

Thank you, Chamara, for choosing to both fundraise and bring awareness for a cure. Do you have a story of how you’ve made a difference in the lives of those with scleroderma? We’d love to hear it! Email us at info@srfcure.org, or give us a call at 1-800-441-CURE.