Living with Scleroderma

Emily’s Story

By September 20, 2021No Comments
Emily, living with scleroderma

Living with scleroderma hasn’t slowed Emily down. Two years after her diagnosis in 2016, she ran the Chicago Marathon to raise funds and awareness for research. Today, she says she is “extremely active still – soccer, running, triathlons – anything physical and I am game to try it!”

Because of her passion for staying active, people around Emily are surprised to hear of her diagnosis. “The number one thing I have realized is that hardly anyone knows about this disease,” she says. “I am constantly educating people.”

She’ll keep advocating for a cure until one is found, and she encourages others to join her. Emily says the best way “to get involved is to learn about scleroderma and spread the word about it. This is how we will raise awareness and get to a cure.”