Living with Scleroderma

Kierra’s Story

By December 20, 2022No Comments

Thinking back to her early symptoms, Kierra (dx 2020) remembers how “simple things like walking became a chore. My body felt like it was breaking down and I couldn’t figure out why.” After consultation with rheumatologists, she was diagnosed with scleroderma.

Since then, this disease has drastically changed how Kierra interacts with the world. “Scleroderma has taken away the ability for me to live life the way I intended,” she explains. “It has affected every area of my life, from work life to social life to the most basic tasks like showering and raising my arms.”

And this is why she looks to research as her best hope for a better future. “Scleroderma research is so very important to me because literally my life depends on it,” Kierra says. “The faster we find a cure, the better my chances are at a full life.”

Will you help Kierra and others like her have a better chance at a full life? When you donate, your gift will provide hope to Kierra and all affected by this disease—because you’re helping accelerate the pace of research for a cure.