Living with Scleroderma

Who Gets Scleroderma?

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We #SayScleroderma for #SclerodermaAwarenessMonth because not enough people know what this disease is or who it affects. Scleroderma is relatively rare. An estimated 300,000 Americans have scleroderma (about 100,000 with systemic scleroderma and 200,000 with localized scleroderma).

Anyone can get this disease, but you can’t catch it from other people. However, some groups have a higher risk of developing scleroderma:

➡️ Sex: Approximately 80% of people with the disease are women, although men and children can also get scleroderma.

➡️ Age: The disease often manifests between the ages of 30 and 50.

➡️ Race: Scleroderma can occur in people of all races and ethnic groups, but the disease can sometimes affect African Americans more severely.

Want to learn more about what scleroderma is and why scleroderma research is vitally important? Check out this talk from our June 1st Patient Forum, “What You Need to Know About Systemic Sclerosis & Research,” from Dr. Lorinda Chung of the Stanford University School of Medicine.