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Dionna’s Story

By September 27, 2021No Comments

Dionna was seven years old when she lost her mother, Donna, to scleroderma. She says, “Scleroderma is a beast, the beast that took my mom away back in 2001.” That was only two years after her diagnosis. Dionna remembers her mother as “a best friend to everyone she met. She was beautiful and her personality was radiant. I am told all the time by friends of her and family that her smile and laughter were contagious.”

Over the many years that have passed since losing her mother, Dionna and her family have been relentless advocates for a cure. They spread awareness of scleroderma through fundraising and the sharing of stories.

“Scleroderma took away my amazing mom far too soon and has taken so many others,” Dionna says. “I am passionate about finding a cure to not only honor my mother but to help other people living with this disease.”