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Maggie’s Story: A Facebook Fundraiser to Honor Her Friend

By April 16, 2022June 8th, 2022No Comments

When Maggie was diagnosed with scleroderma in 2019, she didn’t know anyone else with this disease. Her mom remembered that her neighbor had a niece, Erin, who had been living with scleroderma for nearly 20 years and arranged a meeting. They quickly developed a friendship around their shared experiences, and Maggie viewed Erin as her “lifeline.” Unfortunately, Erin passed away in 2021.

So, to remember and honor her friend, Maggie created a Facebook fundraiser to raise funds for the SRF’s research program. After surpassing her initial goal of $500, her network continued to support her and she surpassed her second goal of $800 as well.  She knows that when it comes to ending scleroderma, “every dollar helps.” 

Maggie, thank you for honoring Erin’s memory in this way and for helping us work towards a better future, and ultimately a cure, for those with scleroderma.