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A Fundraiser in Texas for Scleroderma Awareness Month

By June 25, 2022September 26th, 2022No Comments

If you are in Austin, TX, you can support scleroderma research by going out to eat! Stop by any of the four Grove Wine Bar locations on Tuesday, June 28th for lunch or dinner, and 10% of net sales will be donated to the SRF. They would love to see you at one of the restaurants, but to-go sales will also be included.

Beth, co-owner of the Grove Wine Bar, is hosting this fundraiser for research during #SclerodermaAwarenessMonth in honor of her mother, Betty, pictured here. Beth reflects on how challenging her mom’s diagnosis was. “Because the disease was so new to the medical community, she had very little warning of what to expect,” Beth says. “Scleroderma can be very painful, limit your ability to perform daily activities, and impair your physical features.“

Longtime Cure Crew members, Beth and her husband Tony continue to educate the community and fundraise. “27 years later, we still have no cause or cure,” Beth says, adding that “we do have medical procedures and strong community support to help those living with the disease.  In mom’s memory, we continue to advocate for awareness and finding a cure!”

Beth and Tony, thank you so much for your many years of support. To learn more about creative ways like this to support research for a cure, read about and consider joining the Cure Crew.