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2022 Research Challenge: Katy’s Story

By June 28, 2022No Comments

In 2014 at age 31, Katy was diagnosed with scleroderma. Though Katy has an identical twin sister (pictured here), they don’t share this diagnosis.

This disease has been challenging for Katy, especially as someone who loves to stay active. “My favorite thing to do is move and exercise,” she says. “Unfortunately, some of my symptoms have made this harder and harder to do,” she says. “I try not to think about how much further this disease may progress as I age, and how it may impact my ability to stay as active as I am.”

But she’s not without hope—she looks to research, such as the SRF-funded Scleroderma Twin Study, as the answer to staying active and healthy. “If there is no research, there are no advancements,” Katy says. “It’s my hope that the more research that is happening, the closer we are to improving and even saving lives. I would argue that the research is not just important, it’s priceless.”

Will you join the SRF Research Challenge and help drive scleroderma research forward to help people like Katy, and everyone affected by this disease? Thanks to a generous gift from SRF Board Chair, Dr. Luke Evnin, and Research Chair, Deann Wright, all gifts to the Research Challenge will be matched dollar for dollar, up to $50,000, through July 15th.